Solutions Just for You

At Cupcakes Canada we have a variety of talented people who will work as hard as they can to make your cupcake dreams come true. Our portfolio has a variety of ideas and themes that you may choose from, but are not limited to. We accept new ideas, themes, and will try to replicate any imagery you wish to provide. All of our pictures are numbered, tell us the number, send us an image, or tell us what you want and we will find an amazing solution for all your cupcake needs.

Custom Cupcake Orders

We ask for all custom cupcake orders to be paid for in advance either in the store or through the phone. All custom orders must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance, all custom orders and order times are subject to approval by Cupcake Canada staff. Cupcake pricing is based on the discretion of the staff; base price includes the cupcake and the select decoration featured in the store.

Tier Rentals

Cupcakes Canada has a variety of tiers available for rent; pricing and deposits are based on the selection of tier. Tiers are available accompanying a cupcake order only. The tiers at Cupcakes Canada can hold anywhere from 1 dozen to over 10 dozen cupcakes. Tier rental period is 48 hours, after the 48 hours the rental charge will be taken off the deposit. If tiers are returned damage deposits will not be returned.

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